Summary Brew was created out of a need, to fix a personal habit of having several browser tabs open to the point of hoarding them. I am talking about having over 200 Chrome tabs on my Macbook pro, a whopping 350 on the Ubuntu desktop, over 350 on the Windows desktop, and roughly 16 Safari tabs on my iPhone 6.

Over time, I encountered frustration and challenges. It slowed the computer down, and lead to articles, videos, podcasts that I should have gone through sooner, just sitting there on the several browser windows open, collecting digital dust (memory and hard disk space).

Sometimes, in the most frustrating of circumstances, it even lead to missed opportunities: I had some tabs open for over a year, which remained unread and thereby not acting sooner on the information that I could have acquired.

If you have read an article worth your time and that you have enjoyed, or listened to an interesting podcast, watched a fascinating video, or understood a research paper, you can help the readers of this site, like yourself, by contributing a summary, sharing the information you have acquired.

- Adam