In this action-packed comedy, two young cops attempt to bring down a large drug dealer for the second time. They join MC State, a college where a young woman died from taking a new synthetic drug called why-phy. Unlike the first time, they are having trouble making any contact with the dealer. They consult a man whose male genitals they shot off, a former drug dealer. Then, Jenko, one of the cops, joins the football team to find any leads there. But nothing comes of it, instead, he gets caught up with a new best friend. While this is happening Schmidt, the other cop gets caught up in a new relationship. With the captain's daughter... This leads to mass confusion in the operation. However, they both find themselves at the perfect time. They find that the dealers are going to Mexico for Spring Break. Even through the tough times, both cops stick together and take down the dealers ending why-phy forever. 

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