Based on the tragic events of the Russian Revolution, Animal Farm takes that story into a story about a farm. One night on Manor Farm of Mr. Jones, Old Major (Based on Vladimir Lenin) the pig makes a speech to all the animals about the cruelty of humans and how all animals are equals. He dies that night. Inspired by his speech, fellow pigs Napoleon (Based on Joseph Stalin) and Snowball (Based on Leon Trotsky) make a plan to take over Manor farm from Mr. Jones. With the help of the other animals, Napoleon and Snowball are successful. Napoleon and Snowball reinforce communism. They start to have everyone do an equal share of work and have an equal share of rations. Napoleon, very power-hungry takes more rations and doesn't do any work. Napoleon then enlists Squealer's (Based on Vyacheslav Molotov) help to convince the other animals that Napoleon is the best and he doesn't have to do work. Squealer makes the propaganda. The farm then tries to run on its own. Later, Mr. Jones comes back and attempts to take the farm back. He loses. After the Mr. Jones attack, Snowball proposes that they build a windmill to provide electricity. Napoleon then thinks Snowball is trying to overtake him and summons a pack of vicious dogs after him and chase him off the farm. Napoleon then claims the windmill was his idea and that Snowball stole it from him. After that, they start building the windmill and Napoleon becomes a vicious dictator and starts making all laws around him and corrupting Old Major's idea of a communism. The biggest law he turned was the motto "All Animals are Equal" he changes to "All Animals are Equal, but Some are More Equal than Others". In the end, Napoleon basically turns into a human and all the Animals decide to leave. 

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