Beauty and the Beast (

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Prince Adam, the prince of a kingdom that includes the village of Villeneuve is a selfish prince. He taxes the village to put beautiful things in his palace and beautiful people at his parties. One night while he is hosting a party, an old woman comes to the door looking for shelter from the storm. Adam turns her down and she turns into an enchantress. She realizes Adam has no love in his heart so she puts a spell on the castle that turns Adam into a beast and turns the palace staff into items. If the beast could learn to love and have that persons love in return, the spell would be broken. The Enchantress' rose was truly a magic rose. When the last petal fell from that rose, the beast would be a beast for all time. Belle, the daughter of a local inventor is very smart as she is the only person in Villeneuve that reads. Her father, Maurice has to go away for an inventors event. On his journey, Maurice witnesses a tree get struck down by lightning that blocks his path. He decides to take the other path. On that path, he is attacked by wolves and forced to go to the beast's palace for shelter. As he is there, he picks a rose and the beast takes his prisoner. Phillipe, Maurice's horse then races back to Villeneuve to find Belle. Belle demands that he bring her to her father and he does so. When she gets there, Belle demands to the beast to lock her up instead of her father. The beast accepts it and she is now the prisoner. The castle staff thinks that Belle could be the one to break the spell and they charm her with food and a bedroom. It starts off rocky but soon enough Belle and the beast get closer and the beast loves Belle. As that is happening Maurice recruits Gaston, a popular man in Villeneuve and he is in love with Belle and Lefou, Gaston's sidekick to help him save Belle. Soon enough the beast asks Belle for a dance and she accepts. With music, magic, violence, and love, will Prince Adam and Belle fall and love or will Gaston ruin it all. 

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