In this heart-warming story, we learn the no matter your social class or position in life, that love happens and you can fall in love with anyone.We also learn evil people will fall eventually.

    Ella, a curious, intelligent girl that makes friends with everyone (even a mouse) thinks that life is amazing looking after animals and living with her parents. When her mother dies, Ella learns to live by her mothers dying words, "Have courage and be kind." These words help Ella get through life.

     Years later when Ella is in her teenage years, her father looks to remarry. His new wife wasn't that nice to Ella. In fact, she made Ella sleep in the attic. When Ella's father dies on a business trip, Ella's stepmother fires the staff and leaves Ella to do all the work around the house. One day when Ella is giving them breakfast, he stepmother and her two daughters give her the name Cinderella because she has cinders from the fire of her face. Ella, offended by this remark runs out to the forest and meets an apprentice by the name Kit.

     Kit, who is actually the prince of the kingdom, falls in love with Ella and demands to his father that the upcoming ball (where Kit must choose a wife) must allow all social classes to come. Kit is then upset because his father and the grand duke of the kingdom state to him that he must marry for advantage, not for love.

    Ella, super excited by the news of the ball, runs home to her stepmother to state the news. When the day of the ball arrives, Ella decides to make herself a dress because her stepmother won't pay for it. After asking to come with them, Ella's stepmother and her daughters then ruin her dress. When Ella goes crying into the back of the house she meets a woman.

    The woman asks for a bite to eat and Ella gives her one. The women then transforms into a Fairy Godmother gives Ella the right supplies to go to the ball, including a beautiful blue dress.

    Kit and Ella then fall in love at the ball, but at midnight, Ella runs off and Kit confused about why she did. When Ella is running on the steps of the palace she loses a shoe, but leaves it for Kit to find. Kit then sends out to the people of the kingdom that he will go around the kingdom and find the girl that fits the glass shoe.

    After that, Ella's stepmother finds the glass shoe in her chest. Ella's stepmother then makes a deal with the grand duke to keep Ella away from Kit. Ella and Kit then stop the grand duke and the stepmother and become the new rulers of the kingdom. 

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