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In this hilarious 1990's sitcom, a group of six friends venture their way through life. Ross, a paleontologist is married but gets divorced because his wife is a lesbian. However, he still has a child which dramatically changes him as a person. Monica, Ross' sister is an ultra clean freak, that has too many pet peeves to count. As a child, she was overweight which leads to some teasing from her friends. Chandler, Ross' college roommate has a very sarcastic sense of humour which is extremely funny to watch. Rachel who was best friends with Monica in high school is a spoiled, yet funny character. Ross had a crush on her since high school which leads to an on and off relationship. Joey is Chandler's current roommate who is a bit dumb but extremely funny. He is a struggling actor that always seems to have women falling for him. Finally, Pheobe is a very weird but loving character, who comes from a troubled past but always seems to find the best in everything. 

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