In the kingdom of Arendelle, lived two princesses Anna and Elsa. Elsa the older one possessed special abilities to turn things into ice and snow. One night as Anna and Elsa are playing with her magic, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna with her powers. The King and Queen, their parents take them to the trolls were they could fix Anna. The Troll King states that they must take all Anna's memories of magic making that Elsa has to keep her magic away from Anna. The kingdom then shuts its gates and limits the staff so no one will be able to know about Elsa's ability. As Elsa gets older her powers get stronger and she finds it hard to keep it a secret from Anna and everyone else. When Elsa and Anna get older their parents die in a boat crash. Elsa then has to become queen. On Elsa's coronation day, they kingdom has to open its gates. Anna is super excited to have the gates open, but Elsa just wants the day the end as fast as it can. At Elsa's coronation party, Anna meets Prince Hans who proposes right away. Anna asks for Elsa's blessing but she denies it. Anna and Elsa then get into a big argument and Elsa accidentally shows her powers. She gets scared and runs into the mountains and ends up accidentally putting Arendelle in eternal winter. Anna, convinced she can stop the winter by talking to Elsa, goes out into the mountains to find her, leaving Prince Hans in charge of Arendelle. While Anna is on her way she finds Christoph and Olaf to come and help get to Elsa. In this magically fun adventurous musical we learn that love is the key to everything. 

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