Based on a true story set in the 1990's, I, Tonya is laughs, cries and full of determination for some of the family. Tonya Harding, a figure skater for team USA always wanted to skate but, Tonya wasn't that wealthy and she was considered a red neck. Tonya still gets serious about skating and eventually drops out of school to skate professionally. Tonya is always runner-up for competitions because she doesn't look the part even though she should have won. Tonya, still very young has a lot of stress on her hands as her mother is very hard on her and always says she is a horrible skater. When Tonya meets Jeff Gillooly, her future husband she is lovestruck and challenges herself to work harder. Tonya eventually is the first person to land a triple axel in history. She is the best figure skater in the world but still doesn't come in first at the Olympics. Jeff and Tonya are on an on again off again relationship after they get married. Jeff realizes that the only thing standing in Tonya's way is Nancy Kerrigan. Jeff pays a guy to send her death threat letters but those letters turn into the guy breaking Nancy Kerrigan's knee. Tonya is unaware that Jeff did this and goes on with her life. With heartbreaking loses, Tonya is eventually charged with many things including banned from skating. Jeff is put in jail for 18 months and they get a divorce.

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thanks for the summary @lukeno3320, I like to read motivational true stories like these.