Premium Harmony By: Stephen King (

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It was a warm August day in Maine. Mary and Ray, a couple married for ten years go out to buy their niece Tallie a purple ball. In the car, they argue about economy, money, and life. Mary goes into the Quik-Pik to buy one. Ray gets worried as she hasn't come out and its been a while. Suddenly a fat woman comes running to rays car and tells him that Mary has fallen over. Ray goes in with the fat woman and sees Mary on the ground with Mr. Ghosh, the store owner, and two other costumers. When the ambulance arrives they tell Ray that Mary died, probably of a heart attack. He talks with the other customers for a while and goes back to the car to find his dog dead. In the end, this story is one that teaches readers that life is short and unpredictable. We have to appreciate every single moment before it is gone forever. 

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