In this lightweight short story, our protagonist shares her childhood memories with her stepsister - Lena, affectionately referred to as "Queenie". Queenie was always attractive and made her way through life without putting much effort into anything. She was well liked and managed to get along with people just fine, mostly on account of her looks. She and Queenie would spend time with their European middle -aged neighbours in the hot, humid torontonian summers. Although they are from originally up north, they end up spending the bulk of their summers in Toronto. The neighbours  or  the Vorguilla's play an important role in the story. Tragically, Mrs. Vorguilla passes away and Queenie at 18 runs away to marry the new widower - Mr. Vorguilla. Our protagonist ends up one summer, moving to Toronto to find some work.  She looks up her step sister and immerses herself in her lacklustre life. She finds that Queenie is bored with her husband and has to work two jobs to make ends meet. Queenie, very aware of her image, and very enamoured with the idea of loving and being loved runs away once again with a student of her husbands', a chinese boy named Andrew.

Our protagonist eventually gets married, but feels a void in her heart from Queenies' absence. She never does hear from her again and searches for her in churches, supermarkets and train stations hoping that somewhere, she is happy. Definitely a good read, especially for people with close sibling ties.

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